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The invention of photography made it possible for objects, places, landscapes and even ordinary people around us to play a symbolic role and have a clear effect on the mental path of meaning-making and content-making. Seeing these ordinary natural objects with the eye, while it may be emotional or even reminiscent of memory, can be less symbolic, meaningful, or content-creating, leading the mind to a truth beyond the subject itself unless the eye that sees is the eye of truth. Be between mystics.
However, if the same objects, landscapes and subjects are present in a photo frame with their different visual forms and characteristics, they will rise above their individuality, and will have the status of a typical sample (general sample). A tree is a specific tree that has grown in a certain place before it is placed in the camera frame, but by placing it in the photo of the general sample of all similar trees, it will recreate the general meaning of the tree. Thus, when an object is present in a photograph, it gains more credibility than its individuality, and therefore can have a more specific effect, as well as a stronger symbolism or deeper meaning.

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A Study of the Physiology of the Human Eye, a Careful and Meticulous Study


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