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1 Department of Environmental Civil Engineering-Water and Wastewater Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan

2 Department of Environmental Civil Engineering-Water and Wastewater Engineering, Qatar University, Qatar


In photography, emulsions that are proportionate to the light must be used. If we use daylight, we must use emulsions that are set to a color temperature of 5500 degrees Kelvin (which is the temperature of daylight). Otherwise, incorrect translation of colors will take place. For this reason, in color photography, different emulsions are made, each of which is set to capture an image with a specific light (light with a specific color temperature). This emulsion is formulated for use with light whose color temperature is 5500 degrees Kelvin. Since the most famous light that has such a color temperature is daylight, this type of emulsion is called daylight emulsion. This type of color emulsion is produced with little difference for both photography and cinema. In color filmmaking, another non-professional scale emulsion was used in the past, known as the G-type emulsion, which could provide almost accurate color translation if used with light at temperatures between 3200 ° K and 5500 ° K. In fact, this type of emulsion was designed to cover a variety of "color temperatures" from 3200 to 5500 degrees Kelvin, but this type of coating and adaptation was not perfect, and the color translation seemed almost correct, and therefore There was no professional application of this type of emulsion. This type of emulsion is not very popular today.

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