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Department of Foreign Language, Takestan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Takestan, Iran


This study examines the definition of organizational knowledge in industrial and commercial companies. Knowledge in an organization is knowing the reality or situation of something, however awareness and understanding that have been obtained through experience, study, exploration and mental communication and have been recorded in various forms and the purpose of knowledge management is to identify, acquire and organize and Appropriate storage and transfer of knowledge in order to improve and change the perceptions and performance of employees at different levels of the organization at the appropriate time, which prevents the outflow of intellectual and mental assets from the organization when leaving knowledge agents. Knowledge management consists of various elements such as knowledge production, knowledge acquisition, knowledge storage and transfer and sharing. However, it can be said that knowledge transfer is the movement, distribution and dissemination of knowledge between individuals and mechanized and non-mechanized knowledge bases. In two ways, for which two types of strategies are conceivable, the strategy of person-to-document transfer and the strategy of person-to-person transfer. The role of human resources training and development professionals in the management and knowledge transfer process is critical. These maps can be created through various activities. In fact, education management and human resource development can address the shortage of information and knowledge in a timely manner and lead to the horizontal growth of people in jobs by resorting to knowledge management system along with other resources to meet educational needs.

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Concept of Organizational Knowledge in Industrial and Commercial Companies


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