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Department of Law, Abadeh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Abadeh, Iran


One of the infrastructures that can guarantee the economic and technological success of researchers and knowledge-based companies in the age of knowledge is the attention to intellectual property rights. Given that most of the assets of researchers and knowledge-based companies are intellectual property, so the management and legal protection of intellectual property will be inevitable. On the other hand, to enter the world economy, one must be familiar with the specific literature of the business world, one of the key topics of which is intellectual property rights. Therefore, not knowing the issues of intellectual property rights will be a serious threat for researchers and knowledge-based companies and knowing it as a great opportunity. However, today, due to the expansion of communication at national, regional and international levels, especially through the World Wide Web and the ability to quickly and easily access all information and the possibility of some people abusing the works and achievements of others, it has been added.

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The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Business Promotion




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